We offer a wide variety of services listed on this page. If you have an issue which is not listed here, please feel free to contact us with any questions. Call or email us today for a free personalized quote for your home or business!

System Optimization

Is your computer running slower than normal? Are your applications taking to long to load? Is the framerate of your games suffering? We offer a wide variety of optimization services to ensure your system is running to its full potential! These services include:

Disk Defragmentation
File system cleanup (temporary files, history, cookies, etc)
Registry Cleanup
Performance tuneup (speed up your bootup, shutdown, and application-load times)

Malware Removal

Malware a term used for software which is intended to damage or disable your computer system. Malware is extremely common, and dangerous. Many people are unware their system is infected with malware.

Malware equally impacts home users as well as business systems. Our team is experienced with removing any malware threat detected on your system and restoring security and peace of mind. Our services include a free malware scan to determine whether you are at risk, and we recommend solutions to restore your system.

Hardware Repair, Replacement, and Upgrade

We specialize in desktop and laptop PC hardware that needs troubleshooting, upgrading, or replacing. Is your computer unable to keep up with the latest games? We can discuss the best choice among your options and integrate new hardware into your system.

In addition to these services, we also work with rackmount devices, large disk arrays, switches, hubs, backup power supplies, hardware firewalls, servers, and tape-drive backup systems in business environments.

Network Infrastructure

Having a home small business often means that several computers will need to share a single connection to the Internet. We can analyze your situation; the number and locations of computers and where your modem(s) will be, and properly determine the most efficient means of installing network lines and/or routers, switches, hubs, or repeaters to setup your home or office network.

Cloud Hosting

We provide simplified hassle-free hosting for websites, small applications and databases. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure boasts 99% uptime. We will also work with you to set up services on other top cloud providers to fulfill your individual needs.

Data Backup and Recovery

Your hard drive is one of the most important components of your computer, as it stores all of your information and files. If you or your business is having difficulty with any of the following issues:

Unable to access hard drive
Lost/deleted files or file recovery
Backup and storage
Data corruption
Forgotten passwords

We know that your family photos, music, spreadsheets, and other important documents are incredibly valuable to you or your business. We will gladly extract your data and return it to you. If your data is not capable of restoration, there will be no charge.

Home Services

Onsite and pickup services available for home and home office users.

Business Services

Dedicated support for small business to corporate environments.

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